Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I write with Real Intent

I’m breaking with my normal post timing because today is a special day. There’s a new group blog in town, with Real Intent. You can see the button over there to the right. Here's what it looks like (Sorry I'm not smart enough to turn it into a the button on the right to get there from here):

Real Intent was conceived by Bonnie, a fellow blogger who I’ve read in a number of places. Bonnie is faithful, insightful, and (based on the past two weeks as she’s gotten this group blog up and running) incredibly energetic about things she cares about.

There are over twenty bloggers writing with Real Intent, including me.

Those of you who read A Latter-day Voice know that I don’t speak for the church, but I do speak in favor of it. I haven’t read posts from all of my fellow authors at Real Intent, but I have read most of them through the peer review process. Their posts run the gamut. Some are heartwarming; others are challenging; some reflect on what we could or should be doing; others ruminate about what we may have done already. There’s discussion of history (church and personal) and doctrine, and there’s even poetry.

Bonnie’s vision for Real Intent is pretty straightforward:

We, the authors at Real Intent, are interested in promoting a journey of discovery through the experimentation of faith, aiding one another by sharing insights and solutions regarding issues that face individuals, families, and communities in an increasingly divided world.
If that sounds interesting to you, come on over and have a look. Oh, and you can find my inaugural post at Real Intent, On Parental Controls here.

For now, my content at Real Intent will be different from what I write here – similar themes, but unique posts. I hope you’ll join us there, and I hope that, like me, you’ll find it’s worth the look.

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