Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Conference Impressions

Here are some of my favorites from Sunday's conference sessions:

1. Elder Uchtdorf's message, "You are Christ's hands." I appreciate his thought that we ought not to make others feel deficient, and that it is wrong to suggest those who suffer deserve their suffering.

2. Elder Scott's Easter message, which echoed Elder Holland's from last year that suggested that God did not forsake the Savior on the cross.

3. Elder Cook's call for civility in our discourse even when we disagree, suggesting that a measure of how we follow the Savior can be seen in how we disagree.

4. President Monson's touching Easter message with the greatest words in Christendom including the words, "He is risen!" That the darkness of death can be dispelled by the light of truth. I was particularly touched hearing the story of the family who lost a son to illness while sitting in the home of a family that had done the same.

5. Elder Nelson's linking of Family History to the atonement, and his gentle prodding that I need to get to work!

6. Elder Hales story: "Grandpa, are you in there?"

7. That Elder Foster is a farmer and a rancher.

8. Elder Anderson's recommendation that we speak more of Jesus Christ with our children.

9. President Monson's concluding counsel to look to the lighthouse of the Lord.

What touched you?


  1. I blogged about my impressions and reflections on conference here:

  2. I really liked Elder Uchdorf's message, and I found it timely. In general and in my own life, I know a number of folks on both sides of this fence--including people who've left the church, either because they were made to feel deficient, or because this notion of "prosperity theology" didn't jive with what they saw in the world around them.

    I also really enjoy listening to just about everything President Monson has to say. His Easter message was excellent, and I'll be listening to it again. It's rare, for me, that a talk on a subject hit every point I'm thinking about, or address every thought I have, but this one, I think, did. I've shown various of President Monson's messages and addresses to non-member friends and family, because it's a great two minute way to dispel the notion that Mormons aren't Christ-centric. Plus, I find his vision of Christ very compelling.