Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday Conference Impressions

After the first day of conference, I've already begun assembling some favorite thoughts and passages:

1. President Monson's going "off script" in his opening remarks to talk about his beloved Frances. Very sweet and human view of this couple who have spent so many years together.

2. Elder Packer's discussion of authority and power of the priesthood. I had heard his telling of the story of the ordination of the pre-mission elder in a leadership meeting in Michigan. He also noted then that he could have ordained the father if need be, but didn't call it a battlefield promotion that time. Nice touch.

3. Sister Beck's discussion of personal revelation as being most important for women. And her quoting of Eliza R. Snow was awesome!

4. Elder Anderson's reminder of the experience on Parley Street in Nauvoo. I reflected on my own tears as I read those signs he talked about and was appropriately jolted by the hope he described in those departing Nauvoo residents. His reiteration of the need for proper profession care for those who suffer from clinical depression impressed me, too.

5. I was grateful for my mother and my wife as I listened to Elder Ballard.

6. Elder Perry's memories of his mother's preparing for lessons was wonderful, and hinted that such careful preparation is even possible with highly "correlated" lessons. I remembered my mother's helping my dad research high council talks, and how she prepared her own lessons. And I think about my wife's preparations for her Relief Society lessons.

7. Elder Christopherson's comment that God's commandments give protection from self-inflicted pain.

8. Elder Bednar's concept of an early warning signal in our homes (and wondering how I've done with that in the past), coupled with Elder Eyring's call to rescue early.

9. Elder Holland's frank and honest discussion of pornography, done in his own remarkable style.

10. Elder Oaks' clear discussion of healing blessings, clarifying the need to take advantage of all methods of healing, including blessings. His acknowledgement that faith to do miracles exists outside the church as well as in. And his teaching that the words of the blessing are not the most important part (to suggest that we should not fear being voice).

11. Elder Rasband's look into how missionary assignments are made.

12. The First Presidency messages from General Priesthood: Patience, Diligence and Standards. Masterful discourses all. I agree with President Monson: it was one of the best priesthood sessions I've attended.

What touched you?

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