Monday, October 31, 2011

Good news and bad news: Who are you again?

The good news is I was praying for my son last night in our family prayer. The bad news is I couldn’t remember his name.

Those readers without children (or with only one) may find this hard to believe, but even if you grew up with siblings in your family, you might remember that your parents got your name wrong from time to time.

It would have been less embarrassing to me if the son whose name I forgot had not been kneeling right next to me. And if he weren’t the only son left at home.

His comment after the amen: “Well, at least you went through the names in order.” (I could have added, “At least I didn’t confuse you with one of your sisters.”)

My favorite experience with name-blur was the night I came home from my mission. It’s important to note that I have one brother, David, and he is seven years older than me. All the way home from the airport, my mother was calling me by my brother’s name. I was still getting used to the fact that I had a first name at all, so I wasn’t bothered by it. Dad found it very funny.

As we were sitting down to dinner, Dad was still ribbing Mom about calling me by my brother’s name, and then he turned to me and said, “David, will you say the blessing?”

There’s some lesson there about stones and glass houses.

The good news is, I know God knows my sons and me (and my wife and daughters, too). I can only assume that since he’s perfect, he doesn’t mix up their names as often as I do.

But I’d rather have him call me the wrong name than not call me at all.


  1. A very entertaining post, Dave!

    You forgot to mention the 9th grade (10th grade?) biology teacher who called you Robin...

  2. LOL. I thought about that last night, too. :-)

  3. I was laughing out loud from the very first line. The first two sentence could have been a sand-alone post. So funny. It is amazing how often I mess up my own kids names.

  4. If it's any consolation....the day after we came home from the hospital (after having James) I woke up early in the morning and said to Adam, "What's our son's name? I know it starts with a J"

  5. Sarah, LOL! So it begins... :-)