Thursday, April 14, 2011

In the quiet heart is hidden sorrow that the eye can’t see

I am grateful for quiet answers to fervent prayers.

Answers that come as whispers, barely perceptible, but still essential to discovering a next step.

Answers that provide just a shade of comfort in the glaring light of adversity.

Answers that come in the form of a phone call, an otherwise casual conversation, a hand offered in fellowship that turns out to be a rescuing hand.

Answers that come in an expression of love from a church leader.

Answers that provide someone to comfort me when I stand in need of comfort.

Answers that illuminate possibilities that had previously been hidden.

Answers that reveal just one next step in the darkness, even when I’d prefer to see a lighted path.

Answers that are only clear in retrospect, which, when taken together, make clear that God is in His Heaven.

Answers that, while they do not solve a problem, still ease the burden.

Answers that come in familiar strains of music and oft-quoted verses of scripture when I need them the most.

Answers that prepare me to be aware of others so that I might comfort those who stand in need of comfort.

I am grateful for Him who sees my heart even when others cannot.


  1. Mel, thanks for reading. I'm glad it was meaningful to you.

  2. Nice reflections... Reminded me of an answer I received during conference, from a line in one of the choir pieces. Very simple, very much appreciated. Answers are all around us... even when no one knows we've posed the questions.

  3. That was beautiful! I needed this. After God comforts me I always feel a little more hopeful and happier.

  4. I'm glad this struck a chord. It is really a very personal list based on my specific experience this past week. I'm glad it has some application for others, too.