Thursday, April 7, 2011

My conference Top Ten

I’m trying to hang on to the spirit of conference for just a few more days. Here are ten of my favorite thoughts that I noted as I listened over the weekend. Feel free to add yours in the comments if you like.

By the way, I note that texts are available at today (but were not by the time I posted this -- but are now); I have not yet consulted them. These are from my notes, and I freely admit that I may not have heard exactly what the speaker said. But this is what “spoke” to me.

Elder Gonzales: Our covenants are an expression of love.

President Eyring: Act on covenants to help others. And remember, Bishop: The Relief Society President may receive revelation before you.

Elder Ballard: Don’t look for the large nuggets: look for the flecks of gold

President Uchtdorf: Am I going to through motions or am I experiencing joy?

Sister Allred: Her international experience as a Relief Society leader.

Elder Bednar: Light as a metaphor for testimony. The experience of Saul / Joseph Smith / Alma the Younger are unusual, not “normal.” (I note that President Uchtdorf also taught a similar message.)

President Monson: Sacrifice now in temple service as others did in temple building in the past.

Elder Scott: A beautiful testament of his love for his wife. Satan seeks to undermine the significant of temple ordinances.

Elder Robbins: No checklist to “be”.

Elder Holland: Bedlamites. If we speak with the spirit and you listen with the spirit, prophetic epistles will come.

There are others, and I’m sure that I’ll find more as I read and listen again to the talks in the coming weeks. Maybe these will remind you of something you heard that touched your heart. I hope so.


  1. The text is now available, hurrah! I've been wanting to reread the poem that President Monson read in his closing talk, with its wonderful lines:

    "The linen which once held Him is now empty.
    It lies there,
    Fresh and white and clean
    And oh, hallelujah, it is empty."

    Hallelujah indeed.

  2. That poem is also printed in the April New Era inside the back cover. :-)