Monday, January 30, 2012


I’ve watched the Republican primary battles with great interest. I follow presidential politics closely each cycle, and have been doubly intrigued to have prominent LDS candidates in the hunt. It has been interesting, of course, to see how the press and other candidates deal with Romney’s LDS faith.

This article which appeared in today’s Detroit Free Press (my local paper) caught my attention:

Mitt Romney's run for president spurs interest in Mormon faith

It’s a pretty favorable story – as most stories on the church are in the Free Press. There’s a sidebar in the paper that also comments on Romney’s father’s faith and its role in his political career:

Mormon faith helped George Romney decide to run for governor of Michigan

It’s inevitable that the church will turn up in conversations about Romney. I think at the face-to-face level with friends, most church members are happy to help clarify issues of facts around the church’s beliefs, as the Free Press article illustrates.

Personally, most of the non-member associates I have don’t make a big deal (to me, anyway) of Romney’s religion. Many of them see Romney the way the media portrays him -- as the defacto nominee who will win that nomination because of his business background and his superior campaign organization. The relative lack of concern about his faith may be a result of his father’s already having had a high-profile political career here, but I think it’s more likely that most people around here just don’t care.


  1. I think American attitudes towards the Mormons comes in three geographic flavors. There's the West, where most people know several Mormons personally, and some wish they knew fewer of them. There's the South, where evangelical strains of Christianity have some degree of social dominance, and Mormonism is conflicts with it. There's the rest, including Detroit, where Mormons are few, and no one gives them any thought at all.

  2. You may be right, John. Though I think in Detroit, in particular, there's probably a higher recognition that they at least exist because of prominent LDS politicians in the last few decades (though that influence seems to be fading).

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