Monday, December 6, 2010

Perhaps one of you will reach them

A friend bore her testimony in church yesterday and it really rang true to me. She told of attending a gospel music concert a few weeks ago. One of the singers at that concert bore witness of Christ and encouraged all in the audience to continue to spread the good news. The singer spoke of members of her family who needed the message but that she could not reach. She said, perhaps one of you will reach them.

I think about times in my life when help has come to me when I've needed it most. While sometimes that help has come from those closest to me, often it has come from someone else – a scout leader, a friend, even a stranger. When I was in high school, I know my mother prayed for me to stay true to the church, but it was a remarkable friend I met just before my senior year that helped me renew my resolve to stay active and prepare to serve a mission. When I served in a calling I didn't particularly like, a stake leader with a sincere and open heart loved me enough to help me learn to succeed. When I suffered a deep depression at a time of major upheaval in our family, I know my wife prayed for my relief, but it was a trusted friend who was able to listen and help guide me through that period. And yesterday, when I carried a particular need with me to Fast and Testimony Meeting, it was the testimony of a friend that spoke peace to my soul.

I have loved ones in my life with acute needs, but needs I cannot fill. And I pray that there will be others in their lives who will do what I cannot. I'm reminded of Elder Uchtdorf's talk about our being Christ's hands, blessing others through our lives. I have faith that those people will exist for my loved ones, and that I will be that person for someone else.


  1. Thanks for a tender & eloquent reminder of the difference we can make in another's life...